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Ireneusz Adamczyk

My name is Ireneusz Adamczyk. I am the creator of the health-related website and the online store.

For 10 years I worked in the over-the-counter (OTC) department of the pharmaceutical company Wyeth (now Pfizer), which is the producer of the Centrum vitamins. During this period, I intensively acquired knowledge about vitamins, minerals and other ingredients necessary in our diet.

At the same time, some of my loved ones were ill and they were treated without significant success, which worried me a lot. (More about the details of these ailments below.) This prompted me to look for alternative methods that would help in treatment and improve their quality of life. In this way, I found the Life Extension Foundation in the US and their very interesting products. The most important thing, however, was that it helped my loved ones to overcome their problems or at least improve their living comfort.

Very good results achieved after the use of Life Extension supplements, and maybe the most important, the gratitude of people I could help, resulted in the idea of creating a portal with these supplements and knowledge about health and information about the latest reports from the world of health and medicine. As a result, in 2012, the portal “Dłuższe Życie” (Longer Life) was created.

The rapid development of this portal has been noticed by one of the European distributors on the diet supplements market. This led in 2016 to the beginning of my cooperation with this company, which gave me a broader perspective on the European market.

After more than two years of cooperation, I decided to return to the idea of the portal with Life Extension products, including knowledge about health and nutrients and their impact on our health. And this is how the portal was created.

For over 20 years, my relatives and I have been using Life Extension supplements. So we had a lot of time to “evaluate” the effects of their use in various situations. After more than 20 years I can say that I have very much confidence in these supplements.



For the first time, my mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis in the mid-nineties. I remember very well these repeated visits to doctors. She was treated with various drugs – from mineral supplements to calcitonin – unfortunately without major effects. Mostly, doctors shrugged, claiming that it was such a feminine affliction at a certain age. Somehow it did not convince me; a woman aged 65 should not be excluded from normal life. After all, medicine has gone so far …

After almost two years of treatment, another bone density study left no illusions: the disease progressed. I could not accept it. I began to intensively search for knowledge about osteoporosis and the latest reports on its treatment. The fast-growing Internet era helped a lot.

Drugs and supplements available in Poland have already been tried by my mother and have been ineffective or their composition did not differ from those already tried. The situation was dramatic.

That’s when I found the site of the Life Extension Foundation in the US, which has been in operation since 19801. I was convinced by their approach, which did not accept the decline in the comfort of life over the years. Their motto is to maintain youthful health – despite the time passing by. On the basis of the latest research and scientific reports, they have developed and produced formulas that can cure various ailments associated with the ageing process and prevent their formation and recurrence.

Osteoporosis was one of many issues to which time and money were invested. I found a couple of formulas on their pages that were intended for people suffering from calcium deficiencies. I was particularly interested in the formula, which had a very high dose of elemental calcium. My surprise was caused by the fact that, unlike the preparations known to me so far, this one had in its composition a lot of ingredients supporting the incorporation of calcium into the bone, so its effectiveness was much higher than the standard preparations available on the market.

After a few weeks of ordering, I received a package (ordering anything from the States in the ’90s was a real nightmare). My mother used this complex formula with vitamins and minerals for 6 months. After this time, I suggested that she perform a bone density check. I wondered if it was possible to stop the disease’s progression.

When my mother showed me the result, at first I could not believe what I saw. The bone density returned to normal. It was the lower level of the norm, but there was no trace of osteoporosis or even osteopenia. In just six months!

Bone fracture

Unfortunately, the story was repeated ten years later (my mother was 75 years old). Mother – leaving the house in winter – slipped on the icy stairs and so unhappily fell down that she broke her arm and collarbone. As you know, fractures in older people grow very slowly and it is usually a very difficult process. During her stay in the hospital, the bone density test was performed again. It turned out that the bones are deficient in calcium and we are dealing with osteoporosis again. Then it realised that I neglected prophylaxis. Her doctor prescribed a mineral formula. Unfortunately, it did not contain calcium in its composition. Then, without thinking again, I ordered a calcium formula in the Life Extension Foundation. It turned out that a newer, modified composition is available, based on the latest research. Bone Restore contained calcium in three different forms to further improve its bioavailability (which significantly improves effectiveness).

There were no more signs of osteoporosis left. However, since then my mother has been taking this formula prophylactically so that the history of osteoporosis will not repeat itself for the third time. As it turned out 10 years later (at the age of 86), this prophylaxis turned out to be a godsend when after an unhappy fall my mother broke the femoral neck and it was necessary to implant the endoprosthesis. Only thanks to her very good general health condition and very good condition of the bones, the doctor qualified the mother for surgery, which was carried out already on the third day of hospitalization. The operation went smoothly and without complications, and the convalescence process progressed very quickly.



During the first history of osteoporosis, my mother also complained because of pain in the lower part of her backbone. Earlier she had already diagnosed degenerative changes in these areas. Different doctors have studied her condition – including the neurologist. For a long time, the symptoms persisted, which necessitated the use of painkillers. Unfortunately, with time the body we have become resistant to them and their effectiveness dropped very quickly – the pain became more and more difficult to bear.

I was very worried about my mother’s chronic pain. I could not look at how she suffered. Again, I started an intensive search to help combat chronic pain. It turned out that there is an amino acid – (D, L – phenylalanine) – which can effectively help in chronic pain. I read that: “Certain enzyme systems in the body constantly destroy endorphins, but D, L – phenylalanine effectively inhibits these enzymes to facilitate endorphin action. It has been shown that people suffering from chronic pain have reduced levels of endorphin activity in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid. Thus, this amino acid, having the ability to restore the normal level of endorphins, helps the body to reduce pain in a natural way, without the use of drugs.2

On average, a week is needed to saturate this amino acid in the body and so it lasted for my mother. Symptoms have decreased significantly. Previously, she had a big trouble sitting and basically only lying down meant that the pain was tolerable. When D, L – phenylalanine started to fully work, in she could function normally only feeling mild pain.

In addition, supplementation with a calcium caused hardening of bones and pain disappeared after curing the osteoporosis.

At the same time, my aunt (my mother’s sister, she was 68 years old) complained of severe pain. In her case, the pain was associated with degenerative changes in the knee. I also recommended D, L – Phenylalanine. As with my mother, the improvement in comfort associated with the reduction of pain, followed more or less after a week of using it.

It was a real relief for her because typical painkillers were no longer effective, and the operation of knee replacement was planned many months later.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

News of my mother’s and my aunt’s improved health spread quickly in the family. My 48-year-old sister-in-law told me she was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. I did not know how to help her at that moment. However, I quickly came across new reports from the world of science and medicine. I have read about the breakthrough discovery of collagen properties obtained from chicken cartilage extract. After forming it into a specific three-dimensional molecular structure, it caused changes in the behaviour of immune cells that attack their own cells within the joints in this disease. Shortly, immune cells stopped attacking their own articular cells.

I decided to suggest the use of such formula. During the two-week treatment, only during one day, she felt a slight lump in her lap. After discontinuation of the formula use, after a few days, joint pains returned to the state before taking this supplement, which required a few days of painkillers’ treatment. A new delivery from the United States of the previously used formula took some time. However, the patience paid off, because the daily administration of this supplement meant a significant improvement in health and comfort of her life.

The health problems of my family and my own, combined with the growing fascination with the use of various nutrients, have caused me to have a very extensive knowledge of various diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. I was shocked when I realized how many people are affected by rheumatoid arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis

Shortly after my sister-in-law’s experiences, I met with a good friend. I remember that a year before, at the age of 42, he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. He told me that this is his family disease, because his mother has been suffering from it for 25 years and now her condition is so bad that she cannot walk anymore.

Because the aetiology of this disease may be similar, I suggested using the same formula (Arthromax ™ Advanced with UC-II® & AprèsFlex ™), which helped my sister-in-law. Because during this period he did not take any other drugs – except for painkillers during relapses – he was able to evaluate the effect of this remedy.

As soon as pain symptoms appeared, he started using the supplement I recommended. It turned out that the pain quickly subsided under his influence. In his case, the pain occurred mainly in the fingers of his right hand and made normal functioning difficult to the extent that he could not hold the pen. 



At the age of 81, my mother had problems with the patency of the blood vessels in her legs. This resulted in pain in both the legs and knees. During the procedure of releasing the vessels in one of the legs, the doctor determined the internal appearance of her vessels as “very ragged”.

At the beginning, I did not really understand at all what “raggedness” could be. It turned out that it is very large atherosclerotic lesions and most likely very damaged endothelium. It surprised me even more because my mother has very low total cholesterol for years (usually below 150 mg / dL). So other factors – and not cholesterol blamed for everything – caused such havoc.

And also this time it turned out that I can look for help in the Life Extension Foundation. They have developed a special formula that supports the reversal of atherosclerotic lesions and restores the proper production of nitric oxide, which is very important in the proper functioning of the endothelium (Endothelial Defense with Full-Spectrum Pomegranate). Considering how effective their formulas were in the past, I did not think twice and made an order.

My mother started using this preparation late February – immediately after the first procedure of unblocking the vessels in one leg. The releasing of the vessels in the second leg was planned at the beginning of June. What was the surprise of the doctor who inserted the speculum into the vessel in the other leg and saw that there was no sign of “raggedness”! He took the speculum out of the artery and sent my mother home, because, as he said: “I have nothing to do here”.

Four years later, my mother had a checkup of artery status and two stents in the heart. Many years ago, a brain haemorrhage followed and a double heart attack. Hence, stents and periodic cardiological examinations.

The flow of blood in the carotid arteries was normal (only with few small plaques), and the stents looked like new. Besides, atherosclerosis that has been wreaking havoc in the past, there has been absent! I was very happy because after having suffered two heart attacks and stroke, any episodes from the cardiovascular system could have dramatic consequences!

Knowledge about health is a way to health

Knowledge about health is a way to health

The Life Extension Foundation offers several hundred products. Thinking about the offer of the portal I focused on the most advanced ones and these formulas which are dedicated to specific diseases.

I know that sometimes it is difficult to choose the right supplements from the wide range of various formulas. That is why I am constantly striving to expand the knowledge base, which can become a kind of guide, and I hope that it will help in the more and more conscious care for a healthier and longer life.


Ireneusz Adamczyk


2 Earl Mindell – Vitamins’ Bible

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