Prostate - maintaining healthy functions of the prostate gland is extremely important for men's health. As many as 50% of middle-aged men develop prostate enlargement. It is usually not dangerous, but it can adversely affect the urinary tract and comfort associated with passing urine. In our offer you will find a supplement supporting the health of the prostate - Ultra Prostate Formula, which contains as many as 11 active ingredients, such as: saw palmetto  extract, stinging and dwarf nettle extracts, pygeum extract, flower pollen extract, boswellia serrata extract, pumpkin oil, beta-sitosterol, phospholipids,  sesame lignans, lycopene and boron. All these ingredients makes it a supplement with the widest spectrum for prostate health, from all available on the market.
Ultra Prostate Formula Ultra Prostate Formula 2

Ultra Prostate Formula

Life Extension
Next-generation prostate protection Supports prostate health with cutting-edge nutrients Helps protect against excess estrogen levels Promotes healthy prostate size and structure Inhibits undesirable cell division changes Supports healthy urinary patterns and flow Encourages a healthy inflammatory response Best of Supplements Award Winner  
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